Welcome to Foundation for Health & Dermatology Disparity (FHDD)

homeThe Purpose of the Foundation is to provide public service information, medical testing equipment (for people who otherwise cannot afford it), treatment options and serve as a resource for health care professionals and treatment centers.  The Foundation will focus on health issues and concerns such as diabetes, hypertension and scalp folliculitis as an initial target in the African American, Hispanic and Asian American communities.  However, we will also focus on the general population both male and female as well. It will serve as a resource for professionals, organizations and the media, targeting specific health concerns.

The primary goal is heightening awareness around these specific conditions. Educate minorities and health care providers and dispel myths and rumors about health related issues impacting these communities that lead to ignorance, lack of understanding and in some cases death and/or life threatening diseases.

Empowering people with the necessary tools to greater health, while providing resources for better living (Physically, Mentally and Spiritually).